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Do you want to work with a marketing agency which only employs la crème de la crème when it comes to strategic, creative and execution expertise? Do you want to work with a marketing company dedicated to delivering the highest quality of service at all times, one which loves going that extra mile in pursuit of perfection? Do you want to work with a marketing firm that provides you with a rubber-stamped guarantee of exceptional financial fairness and total ethical transparency? Well, that’s Quality Standard. We offer a big agency experience!


When it comes to marketing agencies, you can choose to work with a media specialist or an integrated expert. We are the latter, and we believe that our one-stop-shop solution is ideal for clients looking for a marketing company with heavyweight strategic credentials. Our consultative approach means that our solutions are grounded in evidence. Our strategic marketing planning process is a framework we use that ensures the work we deliver for you is as valuable as possible. We apply this knowledge to our creative solutions in whatever form they take, and then we execute them with precision, with the pursuit of perfection being the driving force behind the success of all our work.



And a strong marketing plan is based upon our comprehensive understanding of your business plan, one that is supported by a clearly-defined financial proposition in terms of revenue, investment, costs and budgets.


Corporate branding is much more than just having a good-looking logo or a well-designed sales collateral and marketing materials.

It’s about having a meaningful vision and actionable values, alongside a host of other important factors that shape the character and personality of your business, which collectively build up an overall picture of your strategic brand proposition.


In fact, we have access to every conceivable creative resource you could possibly imagine. We can always pull together a team that perfectly matches your needs – even making sure they have specialist industry experience if we think it’s necessary. It goes without saying that they are all experts at what they do, passionate about design and professional in their work, always willing to go the extra mile to find the best possible solution.


The key to a successful digital marketing strategy lies in selecting the right ingredients in the right quantities for your business.

Although the digital world can be a bit confusing and scary when you first start out, the good news is that smaller companies can now compete on more or less equal terms with much larger companies – and, with the right plans and strategies in place – they don’t have to spend anything like the same amount of money to get the right results.


We have found over the years that the best integrated marketing solutions almost invariably require a PR strategy within the overall marketing plan. And it is important to remember at this point that PR is a marketing medium – just as advertising, direct marketing and digital marketing are also marketing media. To be a little pedantic, ‘digital marketing’ is in fact a collective medium for specific media – digital advertising, social media, content marketing, email marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO).


The process of creating a successful social media marketing strategy starts with getting a good plan of action in place

And a good plan always begins with a detailed client briefing session, so we know precisely what you want to achieve.

You will also need to create regular content to make sure your social media channels look as if they are alive. There’s nothing worse than a social feed that hasn’t been updated in months. We can create and post content on your behalf if you don’t have the resource to do so internally, and our studio is always on hand to deliver creative assets as and when required.

Photography & Video Production

Video Production and Commercial Photography team specialising in working with businesses and advertising agencies across the Dubai. We take a creative approach in helping our clients and the brands we work with reach more customers with engaging content on brief and budget.


Delivering a successful event is all about creating an engaging and memorable experience for your target market. It is about delivering key messages in bitesize chunks to achieve desired goals. Of course, a corporate party is quite different from a training event, a sales conference, or an exhibition stand at a tradeshow. Each will have quite different goals, and it’s important to recognise this so that we can create the most effective solutions and measure performance appropriately.

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The Luxury Network UAE

This young entrepreneur, and only him, could change social media business in UAE when created a huge project called the BigUAEgiveaway!

Out and About STYLE Mag

Igor Sergeev

One of Dubai's Most Influential Russian Businessman

The Chic Icon

Igor Sergeev

One of Dubai's Most Influential Russian Businessman

Dubai Business Salad

Business networking event

Quality Standard company pleased to introduce our new project 

"TOP 100 UAE" 

VIP event took place, at which businessmen, professionals and specialists gathered.

Quality Standard 
International Business Awards

Al Habtoor City, W Hotel UAE, Dubai

Business People \ Dubai, UAE

Dubai Luxury Style in Cove Beach 

Quality Standard 

International Business Awards 

Al Habtoor City, W Hotel 

High League

The companies as Etisalat, Mulk Holdings, Alpha Tours, Sobha, Amlak presented as high league


Treatment – Leader Of International Business Club “Quality Standard”

Amlak Real Estate Newspaper is the first and only Saudi Newspaper that specialized in real estate industry. It started in 2010 and considered one of the favorite businessmen’s newspaper and professionals’, who is interested in real estate industry. Amlak’ is seeking to provide a well-written important News and press services featured in real estate. Circulation of 100,000 printed copies being read by up to 500,000 readers. Amlak’ is contributing in helping to increase the toll cognitive for the Saudi society in general and for people who are interested in the real estate industry in particular. As a result, Amlak Newspaper has won 13 press awards in 2011, 2012 and 2013. In addition, Amlak is a sponsor for the most important exhibitions, Events, Forums, and Seminars in GCC countries. 

Business club members

International Business Club "Quality Standard" is a club of successful entrepreneurs.
 Members of the business club are chairmen or C-level representatives of those companies, whose products' or services' quality level is high enough according to the business club's requirements.

Documentary Film "Quality Standard" / Dubai / Trailer

Business dinner by international business club "Quality Standard"


Vesna Restaurant 

"Quality Standard" Business Club taking it's routes from Ukraine and Russia recently got opened in Dubai - city of great opportunities for international business. Members of the business club are chairmen or C-level representatives of those companies, whose products' or services' quality level is high enough according to the business club's requirements. The first business dinner for the companies-members was held on the 10-th of June in Vesna Restaurant, Conrad Hotel. Such famous companies as Etisalat, Mulk Holdings, Alpha Tours and others were presented there as high league together with the medium league and the beginners. "We are not involving competitors, we are choosing the best companies in each field, - said Olga Pishchykova - the owner of Lava Laguna company, under licence of which the business club got opened, - Uniting powers together we get stronger, and we don't just do networking thing, but marketing plans, discount system, business events and even a film we are shooting about successful businesses in UAE, - are included into business club membership". The founder of the Quality Standard Igor Sergeev came to Dubai to open the branch here under his own leadership.

Top League

The companies as Etisalat, Mulk Holdings, Alpha Tours presented as high league

Dubai, United Arab Emirates